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My Habits

Last year when I started Cultivating Habits I piled habit upon habit, starting with doing yoga every day.  Yoga was my keystone habit. It was the habit that helped me to form so many other healthy habits. This year I’m…

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Start Your Habit

We are our habits.  Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.” If you want to cultivate new, healthy habits or get rid of some bad habits I’m here to help. For every habit that I’ve cultivated I go through…


Hi, I’m MK.

Welcome to Cultivating Habits! I’m MK, a communications professional who hopes to help others cultivate new habits, while documenting my journey as I work on some of my own. I started Cultivating Habits in 2013 as a way for me…

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Yoga and Creativity

It’s day six of the 21 day Creativity Challenge and today is all about exploring the connection between yoga and creativity. For those of you who follow my blog, or know me, you know I love yoga.  I’ve been doing it for over 10…

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Creativity Challenge – Day 1

Today is the first day of the new 21 day Creativity Challenge and I am just buzzing with excitement.  I love starting new challenges, and I love it even more when I have people joining me! The first week of…

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Transitioning to Toxic Free Cleaning Products

Right now we use a lot of chemicals to clean our home.  It’s just something we’ve always done, but I know there’s a better – and cheaper! – way. I really want to make the transition to greener, cleaner products….

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Recap of the Creativity Challenge – My Favourite Moments

Yesterday marked the final day of the 21 Day Creativity Challenge.  Whenever challenges come to an end I’m usually a bit relieved.  When I did the no drinking challenge I was looking forward to a glass of wine.  For the…

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self judgement

Thoughts on Self-Judgement

As part of our yoga teacher training, nearly a year ago now, we had to complete a final exam.  I have yet to do this.  I put it off and put it off and I decided last week that I…

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Starting and Sustaining a Reading Habit and What I’m Reading Now

We’re on day five of the 21 Day Spring Clean Challenge and my kitchen is looking pretty awesome.  Doing a little bit every day has been easy and all of these little efforts are really starting to add up. Starting…

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