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My Habits

Last year when I started Cultivating Habits I piled habit upon habit, starting with doing yoga every day.  Yoga was my keystone habit. It was the habit that helped me to form so many other healthy habits. This year I’m…

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Start Your Habit

We are our habits.  Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.” If you want to cultivate new, healthy habits or get rid of some bad habits I’m here to help. For every habit that I’ve cultivated I go through…


Hi, I’m MK.

Welcome to Cultivating Habits! I’m MK, a communications professional who hopes to help others cultivate new habits, while documenting my journey as I work on some of my own. I started Cultivating Habits in 2013 as a way for me…

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The Basics of Breathwork

As part of my February challenge to relax every day for 21 days I’ll be doing a lot of breathwork. In my experience, breathwork: reduces my anxiety, like before a big presentation or on a crowded train brings me to…

prenatal yoga day 70

Yoga: The Perfect Way to Stay Active and Relax at the Same Time

Today is day 70 of my 100 day challenge and also the first day of my new 21 day challenge, to relax every day. Yoga is the perfect way to both stay active and relax, and so that’s what I…

Hermes, the master of relaxation

A Month of Relaxation

In January I worked at meditating every day for 21 days and to help keep me accountable, I made it a community challenge. This one was much different from the other community challenges I’ve done – spring clean, gratitude, and…

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Life with a Newborn

Nathan is now three weeks old.  These past three weeks have been interesting – both wonderful and stressful.  I can’t believe it’s only been three weeks since I gave birth.  I also can’t believe he’s already three weeks old.  Time…

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He’s Here! He’s Here!

I’ve been meaning to write a post for some time now, but life with a newborn is quite time consuming. That’s right!  Last Tuesday (at 39 weeks) Nathan Alexander graced us with his presence and I wanted to share with you…

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Two Things I Do To Manage Stress

I think we all have different stress triggers.  I tend not to stress about things that other people do, like money (even when I was a broke student, I had an ‘it will all work out’ attitude), lost luggage (though…

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