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My Habits

Last year when I started Cultivating Habits I piled habit upon habit, starting with doing yoga every day.  Yoga was my keystone habit. It was the habit that helped me to form so many other healthy habits. This year I’m…

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Start Your Habit

We are our habits.  Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.” If you want to cultivate new, healthy habits or get rid of some bad habits I’m here to help. For every habit that I’ve cultivated I go through…


Hi, I’m MK.

Welcome to Cultivating Habits! I’m MK, a communications professional who hopes to help others cultivate new habits, while documenting my journey as I work on some of my own. I started Cultivating Habits in 2013 as a way for me…

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60 Days into my 100 Day Challenge

These past ten days have been quite eventful.  I cut a lot of my hair off, we interviewed (and hired!) a doula, we’re still making it to our Tuesday night prenatal classes, and we went to an ‘Out of Hospital’…

Day 46 - ball exercises

It’s a Steep Uphill Climb from Here and I’m Not Sure I’m Gonna Make It

I’m now half way through my 100 day challenge and almost every day this week I struggled to do something. It was a rough week. Up until now this whole keeping fit during pregnancy thing has been a breeze.  I’ve…

ball exercises for pregnancy

40 Days into my 100 Day Challenge

Wow day 40 already!!  Which means only 60 days until my expected due date.  Crazy!! The last ten days have been pretty good.  Keeping up with the challenge and making and posting videos most days, even though it’s becoming more…


Two Things I Do To Manage Stress

I think we all have different stress triggers.  I tend not to stress about things that other people do, like money (even when I was a broke student, I had an ‘it will all work out’ attitude), lost luggage (though…

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Cheers to 2014!

Looking Back on some of my Biggest Moments of 2014

Yesterday marked Cultivating Habits’ two year anniversary. Thinking back to when it all started, it really began as a project for me to be more.  I was not happy with what I was doing and how I was spending my…

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Breaking one of my Bad Habits

I was given homework at my last osteopath appointment – stop sitting cross legged and get down into a full squat (malasana style) 6 times a day. I haven’t being doing well on either one of these tasks.  But I’ve…

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