Why is my tap water cloudy?

I poured myself a glass of water from the tap, as I do, and noticed something a bit off.


What came out of my tap was not crystal clear and sparkling.

It was cloudy and highly suspect.

Last weekend our tap dealie fell off and now I have unsettling looking water.

I’m not saying that I have cloudy water BECAUSE my tap dealie fell off.  But I am  suspicious.

First time I saw this I wondered if I should drink it.  While I was asking Hermes what he thought, the water settled and so did my apprehension.

Second time this happened, I again wondered if I should drink it.

Third time the same.

Needless to say, I always drink it (after it settles), but it’s time I put my mind to ease and get to the bottom of this murky water situation.

To do so, I decided to do a little investigative research to answer three questions: why is my water cloudy, did the tap dealie have anything to do with it and  should I drink it?

Why is my water cloudy?

Turns out it’s caused by air bubbles and not excess minerals as I had once assumed!  Not only that: the colder the pipes, the more air bubbles, the cloudier the water.  As the temperate rises (once it has left the tap), the bubbles begin to dissipate.

Did the tap dealie have anything to do with it?

Tap dealie is actually a faucet aerator.  From what I gather, and given its fancy name, it actually aerates the water.  Meaning it adds more air.  So, wouldn’t this make my water cloudier?  I’m confused.  Or not.  I may also just have never paid much attention to the state of my drinking water before tap dealie fell off.  (This is actually quite possible seeing as some days I wasn’t even drinking water).

faucet aerator

Should I drink it?

All sources point to YES.  It’s just air.  The internets tell me that if it doesn’t settle within a reasonable timeframe to be concerned.  And it always does so I am in the clear!

Get in, in the clear? 😀

So next time I pour a glass of water from the tap, I need not fret, as the cloudy water mystery has been put to rest.

4 thoughts on “Why is my tap water cloudy?

  1. I’ve been freaked out by it too! I was buying bottled water but got tired of the waste and expense so started filling up a jug in the fridge and letting it sit out for a while to de-chlorinate. It’s not my favourite but it’s always cold and always there!

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